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What Does It Mean To Be An RMATA AT?

There is something unique about being an RMATA member.  I have always loved the relationships and the personality of our district.  I even respect the RMATA emblem and had fun connecting it with the new look of the "AT" national effort.  Hopefully you have recognized that I am a fan of history and tradition and celebrating it in a way that inspires understanding that informs new direction.  In that spirit, I believe the Annual Clinical Symposia at WeKoPa may just be one of the best yet.   Some of the greatest benefits of attending a conference are catching up with old friends, making new ones, learning and refueling our passion tanks.  One of the greatest stories of the RMATA was told this year as part of a 1stever presentation on the Roots of a Profession: Evolution of AT Education and Certification.  You may know of the impressive impact Dr. Gary Delforge, Ret. AT and the University of Arizona's graduate athletic training program has had on the profession.  University of Arizona graduates have been successful as clinicians and as leaders and continue to help pave the way.  Our NATA Past-President, Scott Sailor, current NATA Board of Directors AJ Duffy and Mark Coberly, CAATE President Leslee Taylor and our own AzATA Past-President Michelle Gonzalez are U of A graduates.  This past April we will have the ability to listen to 3 of the first 4 Professional Education Committee Chairs (Dr. Gary Delforge, Dr. John Schrader and Dr. Robert Behnke) present alongside J. Lindsy McLean, credited for developing the original certification exam, on the evolution of Athletic Training education and certification.  The presentation was moderated by Dr. David Perrin in an interactive format where the audience had the ability to ask questions and help direct dialogue.  Dr. Jackie Kingma followed with a celebration of Dr. Gary Delforge and the University of Arizona AT family tree.  The NATA Historical Commission was onsite documenting history.  This presentation will likely never happen again and was recognized by the NATA Board of Directors and NATA President Tory Lindley as a presentation all athletic trainers should watch.  Roger Kalisiak, Chris Mathewson and the NATA Historical Commission will make the presentation available to the RMATA to share on our channels.  I hope you join me in celebrating the success of our members and experiencing an example of what it means to be an RMATA member and a passionate Athletic Trainer.

David Gallegos

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