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Synergy Award

About the Award

Synergy by definition is: the increased effectiveness that results when two or more people or businesses work together.  AKA: The combined power of a group of things when they are working together.

This award is for someone who has demonstrated great ability to collaborate with a variety of health care providers or other professionals to create and promote the best care plan for their athletes including and not limited to: Facility enhancement, emergency protocols, profession promotion, and internship programs.

Requirement for the Award

  1. Must be a member of the RMATA and their State Association

  2. Must be an ATC working in the High School setting whose primary setting designation with the NATA is Secondary Schools.

  3. Must have a current NPI#

  4. Must be in good standing with the BOC and State Regulatory Board (as applicable)

  5. Advocacy letters from 3 individuals, 2 of whom are NOT Athletic Trainers’ but work as professionals that enhance “Synergy” at the institution for which the AT is providing care.  Letters shall come from professionals outside of the primary employer.  

  6. ATC must have a minimum of 5 years at the institution or within the school district for which “Synergy” is exemplified.

Application Process

Please fill in the following form. It is recommended to collaborate with the SSAT nominee to ensure as much information is reflected for a complete nomination.

This application is due by February 21, 2020.

  • Individuals cannot self-nominate. Nominations may be submitted by one of the following:

    • School Athletic Director

    • Fellow Team Practitioner (Athletic Trainer, Physician, Registered Dietitian, Strength & Conditioning Coach)

    • Recognized Athletic Training Associations

    • Athletic Conferences

    • Parents

  • Nominations must submit 750-1,000 words on the candidate’s contribution to synergistic relationships with in the community they are in, which includes, but is not limited to:

    • Facility enhancement

    • Emergency protocols

    • Profession promotion

    • Internship programs

  • Nominators must submit evidence to support descriptions (photos, videos, collateral, etc.)

  • Nominators must provide a letter of recommendation from at least three individuals on the below list. (Advocacy letters from 3 individuals two of whom are not athletic trainers, but work as professionals that work to enhance synergy at the institution for which the AT is providing care. Letters shall come from professionals outside of the primary employer)


Additional Questions

Please contact Lisa Walker with questions about the award and application process.

Please Note:
All Evidence required for this form should be emailed to:
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