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Richard Gerrells BS, ATC


Richard Gerrells earned his Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from the University of New Mexico with an Athletic Training emphasis in 1978. Following completion, he worked as an Athletic Trainer for Las Cruces Public Schools for three years before taking a position at Albuquerque High School in 1981. There, he worked as an Athletic Trainer, Athletic Director, and Athletic Coordinator for Albuquerque Public Schools until retirement in 2018.  Gerrells has been inducted into both the RMATA and NMATA Hall of Fames, where he has received awards for Distinguished Service and Outstanding Service respectively. In addition, he has served as a member of the Original Constitution and By-Laws Committee and on the Board of Directors as the New Mexico Representative (1995-2001). Richard considers himself blessed to be associated with the Athletic Training profession and notes that his experiences have allowed him to come out stronger than ever. “The number of friends I have been able to meet and share with has been more than anyone deserves; along with the chance to have worked with so many kids over the years, again, is more than anyone can ask for and is a blessing in my life” Richard is married to his wife, Carol, and has a son, David, and daughter, Amanda.

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