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Lawrence Edward Willock BS, MS, ATC

Lawrence Willock completed his Bachelor of Science in Physical Education at the University of New Mexico in 1969. He went on to receive his MS in Physical Education in 1970, while working as an Assistant Athletic Trainer at the University of New Mexico. He worked both as a staff Athletic Trainer and the Head Athletic Trainer for the United States Air Force Academy (1994-2008) prior to taking a position as the Head Basketball Athletic Trainer at the University of Colorado at Boulder. During his time at the Air Force Academy, Lawrence was granted Civilian of the Quarter (1996), Civilian Supervisor of the Year (2005), Outstanding Civilian Career Service Award (2008), and Senior Civilian of the Quarter (2007). Larry has been a member of RMATA since it originated and during that time he has served numerous roles: most notably as the President of NMATA from 1993 to 1995 and the Vice President of COATA from 1999-2001. He has been inducted into the NMATA, CATA and RMATA Hall of Fames.  In addition to his career, Larry volunteered as an Athletic Trainer at the Colorado Games and acted as a BOC examiner from 1982-2007. One of his fondest memories was working with his mentor L.F. “Tow” Diehm who told him to build a dirt ramp to allow a golf cart to get down off a sidewalk. After he completed this, he was told he needed to change out of his soiled white pants and shirt and be in the Training Room in three minutes, and he “better not be late.” Lawrence is the proud father of two great daughters, whose childhood memories are of the University of New Mexico Athletic Training rooms, and grandfather of two grandsons and one granddaughter.

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