District 7 Representatives
Committee Report Form

ATs Care Rep.

Pat Karns

Athletic Training Education Journal Committee

Cailee E. Welch Bacon

Board of Certification Specialty Certification Committee

Brandi Martin

District Secretaries/Treasurers Committee

Jim Turk

Executive Committee on Education

Carrie Meyer

Education Advancement Committee

Nathan Slaughter

Professional Education Committee

Michael Eckert

Post-Professional Education Committee

Barton Anderson

Professional Development Committee

Laura Zdziarski-Horodyski

Council on Practice Advancement (COPA)

Kimberley Hansen

Liaison Coordinator


Council on Practice Advancement (COPA)

Andy Krentz

Rehabilitation Clinic Chair

Council on Practice Advancement (COPA)

Bridget Thrower Younger Krentz

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Committee on Practice Advancements (COPA)

Alisha Pennington

Committee on Practice Advancements (COPA)

Justin Segotta

Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE)

Christine Odell

Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE)

Karen Hostetter

Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee

Marissa Holliday

Governmental Affairs Committee

Jerry Krummel

Hall of Fame Committee

Scott Ellis

Hall of Fame Special Considerations Committee

Scott Linaker

Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Committee

Charles Baughman

Historical Commission

Chris Mathewson

LGBTQ+ Committee

Glenn Edgerton

Intercollegiate Council for Sports Medicine

Diana Padilla

Professional Responsibility in Athletic Training (PRAT)

Leanna Olivar

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Service Award Committee

Jenny Van Meter

Specialty Awards Committee

Kim Detwiler

Athletic Training Students Committee

Erin McMullan

Public Relations Committee

Alisha Pennington

Secondary Schools Athletic Training Committee

Kolin Tomlinson

Young Professionals Committee

Miranda McWilliams

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State Association

Advisory Committee

Arizona - David Mesman

Colorado - Jim Keller

New Mexico - Aaron Stem

Utah - Kevin Morris

Wyoming - Jenna Street

District Seven Volunteer List

To view the complete list of volunteers
from our district, CLICK HERE.

D7 RMATA Travel Grant Application,


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